About Us

The main business and objectives of the Company are manufacturing, Marketing, and distribution of all types of Agricultural inputs like Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides, Herbicides, Weedicides, Nematicides, Rodenticides, Bio-Pesticides, Biofertilizers, Biocontrol Agents, Organic Fertilizers, Root Growth Stimulants, Plant Growth Stimulators, Flower Fertilizers, Neem cakes and other allied products of Agricultural Inputs, and doing this business for the last 26 years with well established marketing structure.

The Company is having S.S.I Registration from Industires Department , Govt of Kerala and Organic Certification ( INDOCERT ) from Indian Organic Certification Agency.

The Registered Office of the Company is located at Neyyattinkara of Trivandrum District (Kerala) and the Administrative Office is functioning at Kunnapuzha ( Thirumala ), Trivandrum (Kerala), with well equipped Establishment.

The Company has got two Awards for its achievements in the field of promoting Organic and Bio-Products from “ National Integration & Economic Council, Delhi” and the Awards are “Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award” and “Gold Medal for Excellence Award ”. Apart from these a special award-'Pride Of India Award' has been presented to the company for its meritorious achievements in the field of Industrial Growth by "Citizens Integration Peace Society",New Delhi

A separate wing, Bio-Tech. Laboratory is functioning under our Bio-Tech Division in which, all types of Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides and Bio Control agents are produced and a seperate Laboratary for the analysis of Water, Waste Water & Solid Waste with the approval of Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Govt. of Kerala, is also functioning under our Biotech Laboratary

Area of Operation & Approval:

The Company has State level Distribution Licence from the Deaprtment of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala. The business operations are through out Kerala. All Bio-Products are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala and Source of Culture & Technology for Biofertilizers/Bio Pesticides/Biocontrol Agents are from Kerala Agricultural University(Government of Kerala) and also from Regional Centre of Organic Farming(Government of India)

Agro Input Division:

This Division deals the Production,Supply,service etc of Organic Fertilizers, Neem Cakes, Plant Micro Nutrients including supply of Chemical Fertilizers,Pesticides, Plant growth stimulators and other Agrl.Inputs.

Marketing Division:

The Company has well established marketing structure and has more than 800 distributors & Dealers. Mainly, the Company is dealing, whole-sale distribution. The Retail distribution is only through Branch Depots. The marketing of the products has been done actually through the Sales Executives of the Company.

Consumer Division:

The Company has a sales depot under our Consumer Division at Agriculural wholesale market complex at Venpalaattom - NH Bypass Anayara, Trivandrum. Here all our own - manufactured Bio/Organic Agricultural Inputs and Organic Spices are available for Sales.

Farm Division:

The Company is also undertaking the supply of Vegitables. The inputs used are Organic Fertilizer/Manures , Bio Fertilizers/Bio Pesticidesetc.The Company is also supplying Banana Suckers and Vegetable seeds to the farmers,through the Farm Division.The Farm Division is managed and supervised by Technical persons.

Export Division:

The company has a seperate Export Division which deals exporting of our Agricultural inputs like Organic manures/Fertilizers,Biofertilizers,Bio Pesticides,Bio Control Agents etc. The Company has an overseas office at Gulf countries.

The company is also planning to export Agricultural products like Banana,Vegitables,Flowers,Flowering plants etc.


In kerala the Company is running four Branch Depots at Neyyattinkara & Malayinkeezh of Trivandrum District; Kottarakara of Kollam District and at Kattappana of Idukky District. All the Depots are well established.

In Tamil Nadu,the company has two branches at Shengottai and Vasudevanallur(Near Tenkasi)


We are manufacturing the following our own products from our Works/Production Unit and from our Bio-Tech Laboratory.

Organic and Bioproducts:

1) Deepa- Farm Gold (Organic Fertilizer/Manure)

2) Deepa- Neem Cake(Organic manure)

3) Deepa- Bio Plus-Azo (Azospirillum)

4) Deepa- Bio Plus-Rhizo (Rhizobium)

5) Deepa- Bio Plus-Phospho (Phosphobact)

6) Deepa- Bio Plus-Pseudo (Pseudomonas)

7) Deepa- Bio Plus-Tricho (Trichoderma)

8) Deepa- Azadin Plus 0.03% EC (300 ppm)

(Azadirachtin –0.03% EC (300 ppm))

Plant Micro Nutrients:

1) Deepa Micro nutrient-Coconut

2) Deepa Micro nutrient –Banana

3) Deepa Micro nutrient –Vegetable

4) Deepa Micro nutrient – Paddy

5) Deepa Micro nutrient-Rubber

Our Marketing Products:

1) Deepa- Root Plus (Herbal Root Growth Stimulant)

2) Deepa-Bio Six / (Plant Growth Stimulator./(Sea Weed Extract)

3) Deepa- Garden Plus ( Plant Growth Stimulator )

4) Deepa- Nitro Plus ( Flowering Stimulant )

Manufacturing Unit/Works:

The Company's Mixing and Production unit of its own product: FARM GOLD is located in Mini industrial Estate, Meppukkada at Malayinkeezh, Trivandrum District (Kerala). This Unit is also having S.S.I Registration and approved by the Department of Agriculture,Govt. of Kerala.

Technical cum Advisory Committee

The Company has a well established Technical and Advisory Committee with members with well qualified in Agriculture, Bio Technology,Marketing,Legal side etc and the decisions are taken on the basis of the advices of the Committee