NPK Fertilizer Mixtures

NPK Fertilizer mixtures are prepared with Nitrogenous, Phosphotic and Potash Fertilizers in a definite proportion according to the requirement of crops.

The available NPK Fertilizer Mixtures are Deepa 18:18:18 (for all crops),

Deepa 8:8:16 (for Coconut and Banana), Deepa 10:5:20 (for Coconut), Deepa 15:10:6, and Deepa 10:10:10 (for Rubber).


50 Kg Bag

Deepa Flower Fertilizer

Deepa Flower Fertilizer is prepared by mixing organic substances along with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and important micro nutrient in definite proportion. It is very effective for the growth of flowering plants like Rose and other Garden Plants. It creates flowering in large numbers and gives strength to the stem and roots and gives greenish colour to the leaves.


Apply @ 15 gm per plant or pot in every month .For directly planted plants @ 30 gm per plant can be applied in every month. After application of fertilizer irrigation should be given.

Deepa Vegetable Fertilizer

Deepa Vegetable  Fertilizer is specially  made  with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and blended with important micro nutrients and Organic fertilizers in definite proportion . It can be used for all types of vegetables plants. The product promotes heal thy green foliage, helps to develops a strong and healthy roots system and encourage abundant fruits.

Packing:-500 gm


Apply @ 30 gm per plant in every month. Irrigate as required.